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wget cannot find trusted certificate

The problem is not a missing CA, the problem is the not matching hostname. Check the Subject Alternative Name fields of the certificate, these are the names the certificate is valid for. Use one of ...
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Apache: How to "hide" a subdomain but serve over https

There's at least three ways to solve this: Use the DNS challenge, requiring no HTTP connection Disable basic auth for .well-known/-path which is used by certbot. Use the standalone module of certbot. ...
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Does Windows Server 2012 R2 really support only one server signature algorithm?

I don't believe this has anything to do with Windows operating system version. WinRM on the server you are scanning is configured to use a specific certificate for HTTPS. The certificate which is ...
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Apache cached old ssl certificate

I thought that I had a cert caching issue but it was all an issue with setup. validate setup with apachectl -S and then make sure everything with port 443 has your new valid cert.

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