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Device mapper multipath vs kpartx

You should not need to use kpartx at all when using multipath storage. If I have a multipath device available... $ multipath -l mpatha (0QEMU_QEMU_HARDDISK_0001) dm-0 QEMU,QEMU HARDDISK size=1.0G ...
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Moving Windows file server contents from one iSCSI LUN to another

The best tool for your task is the Microsoft Storage Migration Service. It makes it easier to migrate storage to another Windows Server. Create a new virtual machine for your file server (or a new ...
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Is quorum disk required for standalone installations?

No, you don't need a quorum disk for a single OVS host. I've installed several OVS hosts with local storage repos and no server pool filesystem myself. Example (hostname edited): [root@ovshost01 ~]# ...
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Multipath in linux for 2 HPE 3PAR replicated storage devices

I am not sure if the connectivity from your server to the 3PAR storage is via ISCSI or FC. Firstly, you may like to check if the Server OS and its version is supported with the 3PAR Hardware model ...
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