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Do clouds charge upon the storage usage or processing power or both?

AWS charges you for CPU / processing, memory, storage, and bandwidth. It depends on the service though. You can use Elastic Kubernetes service, EC2 and install K8S, run ECS, etc. You can use "...
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Can you use a SAS fan-out cable to connect more drives?

This is a server with 4 external mini-SAS ports, going to separate JBOD enclosures. I've bought a SAS expander for each JBOD.
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Distributed SSD cache for network storage

fscache is what you want, but be aware that it won't cache files opened for writing unless you're running NFS v4 (see
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RAID6 REBUILD - Virtual Drive not importable

Solved. Creating a new virtual disk with the previous parameters, clearing any foreign configuration previously, and adding a new config without initializing. This KB help me a lot: https://www....
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Erratic (terrible) Disk Performance I/O (Debian/Proxmox)

zfs is copy-on-write fs. its very very bad for cheap SSDs. you can test this SSD with windows machine directly by secure erasing it and do a full write test (i think hd tune can do it) and you will ...
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Distributed SSD cache for network storage

The problem you face is in regard to what does the file locking and cache-coherency. Because you're using a NFS based solution the NFS server itself needs to manage which clients have locked any given ...
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Does NetApp providing tooling to export a WAFL export snapshots to a file?

You can do this with ndmpcopy It will copy data between Netapps, without using temporary files.
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How to bind spdk driver to NVMe device if root filesystem is mounted there?

You cannot do that. Get second NVMe just for test & development.
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How to bind spdk driver to NVMe device if root filesystem is mounted there?

Got answer from SPDK Slack channel that I cannot bind the SPDK driver to a device with the root filesystem mounted. I either need to have a separate device to contain the root filesystem or use a VM ...
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System Volume Information filling up; ways to alleviate?

filling up with hundreds of gigabytes of orphan shadows This is not how it should work by any means. Who or what (3rd party maybe) creates those shadow copies? Check if the "appear" when ...
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