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Router 3 needs a static default route to Router 1 needs a static route gw: You can remove the static route on router 3.


As the comments already pointed out - you need a router. You said that you already set your routes - where did you set them to? You cannot just set the routing to any IP device and hope that this will forward your requests. The target point of a set route must be any kind of device that knows what to do with packets they get - this need not be a "...


if you have same ip block both local and remote networks and want to access only remote block local && remote network address : following options for windows 10 worked for me add these options to OpenVPN certificate file route-metric 3 route why? Real ethernet interface have metric 0 TAP vpn interface has ...


By the way, are no private IP addresses. You should never use public addresses that you're not authorized to. Check out RFC 1918. There are two basic approaches: You configure a separate network (p2p, switch, VLAN) for each machine and connect one server NIC to each network (but both within the subnet or larger - which ...

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