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mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server / 500 Internal Server Error

The answer lies in the use of the Plesk enviroment. Plesk 17.8.11 have own configs for suexec and it is not possible to alter the settings - so the solution is to not use Plesk, if you want own suexec ...
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Suexec: invalid command error

It seems only relative paths are allowed; the error message comes from this block: /* * Check for a leading '/' (absolute path) in the command to be executed, * or attempts to back up out of the ...
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suEXEC queries www-data when trying to execute a script as userXYZ

According to The idea is to be able to have different apache2 processes running as different users be able to use different suexec ...
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Environment variables not available on server after mod_rewrite, but works locally

It is documented behviour that Suexec clears out the environment prior to running a CGI script Some Caveats ... When suexec is used to launch CGI scripts, ...
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