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Running phpmyadmin and suphp

The configuration files have changed since the time of the original answer. These files no longer need to be changed: /etc/apache2/mods-available/suphp.conf /etc/suphp/suphp.conf This file: /etc/...
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possible to stop other users from looking at files of other home directories?

You can add an extended acl to all the home directories: setfacl -m u:apache:rx <user's home> If needed you can add the same acl again, just include the .htaccess file. That way you can ...
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How do I change permissions and ownership after git-pull, to match folder?

The answer ended up being that I had to use the post-merge hook, after reading through the link that was provided by the other answer. In the .git/hooks folder I created a file called post-merge and ...
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