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nftables: Possible to block SYN packets with payload?

What about dropping by tcp option? For example to drop outbound TCP SYN with TCP Fast Open Cookie: iptables -t filter -A OUTPUT -p tcp --syn --tcp-option 34 -j DROP (which AFAICT effectively forces ...
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How to measure TCP connection time in Linux

For simple cases curl using the -w option can print the time these operations took. Curl only prints times cumulative from the start, so you have to subtract the numbers yourself. Since the tcp ...
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How to check TCP timeout in linux / macos?

On Linux, the initial timeout for establishing a TCP connection is not configured as a value in seconds. Instead, there's a hardcoded initial RTO (Retransmission TimeOut) of 1 second and a ...
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Remote Desktop intermittent connection issues

Seems like I've finally resolved this issue and the solution will stretch credulity. For some reason I remembered a long time ago when disabling TCP autotuning had helped with a network issue. So I ...
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