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how to generate terraform code of existing AWS EKS cluster?

You can do it with terraform import. This also works for EKS clusters. EKS Clusters can be imported using the name, e.g., $ terraform import aws_eks_cluster.my_cluster my_cluster
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GCP Service Account can't access IAM operations with permissions

Agree with previous answer, just noting that you can view all of the roles that were deleted in IAM -> View Resources. Once there, check the project that you accidentally nuked, click Activity, and ...
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403 when using Terraform to attach Lambda Function to Target Group w/ ALB

I encountered a similar issue: This answer might not been the best. I tried a lot of options, but none worked. I had set up the following modules: Create Lambda Function module "...
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Using the libvirt terraform provider to attach to system wide network bridge

in the resource "libvirt_domain" "domain-ubuntu" you should try to configure: network_interface { network_name = } instead of: ...
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How to create service delagation to an existing subnet?

A bit late to the party, but I just had to solve this issue myself and stumble across this post. I solved it by utilizing the AzAPI Provider to patch the subnet. In short: use the subnet data source ...
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