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How do I use non-plaintext passwords for Tomcat users?

For anyone coming here looking for information about Tomcat 8.0.15 or newer, you should probably use SecretKeyCredentialHandler with PBKDF2 instead, since it's much more secure (i.e. harder to crack) ...
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http in the Location-header when the original request was made over https

I had a similar issue. Adding the following in your virtualhost config should solve the problem. Basically it would edit the http request to https Header edit Location ^http://(.*)$ https://$1
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SSL offloading from Apache to Tomcat get overwritten somewhere

If this Connector is being used in a proxy configuration, configure proxyName, proxyPort. <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" URIEncoding="...
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Record and replay HTTP requests/posts between a given period of time (Apache)

The answer is specific for Apache JMeter - the most popular free and open source load testing tool JMeter comes with Access Log Sampler which can be used to parse web server logs and create HTTP ...
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Install GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate on Tomcat 6

For Tomcat 9 I followed creating the PKCS12 format keystore as per this documentation Since I have the signed certificate from ...
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Where are my Tomcat Logs?

we can find logs like below for Windows. C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\logs also refer C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\conf\logging-properties.
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how do I know tomcat is running on Windows

Powershell: get-service "*apache*" You can also enable telnet client feature. And then open command line and type telnet hostname port and press enter. If cmd turns blank then it means that port is ...
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how do I know tomcat is running on Windows

Since tomcat 9 you can recognize it in Processes with name "Tomcat9w" and in Services "Tomcat9"
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Tomcat 7 trailing slash issue with webapps

Ancient question, but since I have recently battled with the terminating slash in Tomcat 8, I know that problems with the slash continues to plague the Tomcat user world. :-) What you might be ...
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How does one get tomcat to bind to ipv4 address?

Assuming Java Options have been set to disable IPv4: JAVA_OPTS=" $JAVA_OPTS" Using Tomcat SSL with APR, the only way I ...
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rpmbuild on Cent OS 6: "cpio: bad magic"

In my case, this is due to insufficient storage left in my machine. I have cleared enough space required for RPM and then everything worked fine.
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how to restart one of several hosts in tomcat

Set autoDeploy="true" in your Host container configuration and, in order to restart it, simply update the appBase or xmlBase content. I use to run the command touch in Linux, just to update ...
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