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NMap Topologie missing Switches (no kind of Topology)

Nmap is a network (layer 3) scanner, so it does network traceroute (with the --traceroute option) and will show routers along the path, but not switches. Switches are link-layer devices (layer 2), so ...
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LAN cable operation to switch internet line on L2 SW cascade connection

If get this correctly, you make your clients move over to the other default gateway by letting them update their DHCP lease. This isn't very reliable. To find out the exact reason for your problems ...
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CouchDB replication recommended topologies

I have no special experience with seven nodes (but with three nodes) but there should not be a problem at all with replicating each node with each other. I do that also with the three nodes I use in ...
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How to request/acquire all records from a DNS?

Using the nslookup command that @warner provided above, I was not able to retrieve the records that I was looking for. Based on some answers from this post, I was able to retrieve them using nslookup ...
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