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Neither curl nor wget are "guaranteed" to be installed anywhere, especially on proper UNIX systems. They are not POSIX standards. Neither is ftp, ssh / scp / sftp, rsync, telnet, nc / netcat, openssl, or probably any related tool that comes to mind. It seems like an odd oversight to me, but that is how it is. Various GNU/Linux distros may include ...


The netem is a egress queue discipline and affects only outgoing packets, not ingress. To dive into the TC you can read the LARTC (Linux advanced routing and traffic control) Other useful sources of information are man tc and man tc-netem, specially the examples sections.


I'm aware that this is a very old thread but for posterity: My listing was in /usr/share/lib/terminfo and a second one in /usr/csw/lib/terminfo. I used ls -R /usr/share/lib/terminfo to list all of them.

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