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Redhat Enterprise Linux 7: How to disable DST - Daylight Saving Time

You don't disable DST per se, you set the desired time zone, and you get DST if the time zone has DST. You can check the configured time zone with timedatectl. If your timezone has DST you'll see ...
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Linux get UTC offset from current (or other) timezones on given date and time

You can use the date command. You set the timezone and then specify the date and time. The command will return that time with the -03 or -04, so you will know if DST was in effect. For example, for ...
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Easy way to get the International Atomic Time on linux?

The answer with the "right/" timezone is incorrect. It is meant to convert from a system clock kept in TAI - 10s to UTC. Thus, the following gives the correct time in UTC, GPS, LOREN and TAI [1]: #!/...
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Configure DNS logging Time zone to UTC

Copy cp /etc/localtime /var/lib/named/etc/localtime Change paths depending your chroot enviroment Should fix your problem
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How do I set a time zone for a crontab?

Some cron installations use CRON_TZ to set the per-user interpretation of the crontab times. Here's part of man 5 crontab on Centos 7: The CRON_TZ variable specifies the time zone specific for the ...
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