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is there a way to reference a subnet of an IP address dynamically in VCL *varnish) without creating an ACL on a request by request basis?

I was super bothered by the fact that we do not have a solution to this problem in open-source varnish cache and because it seemed doable in a couple of hours, I wrote libvmod-acltools just now. For ...
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How to implement caching of HTTP responses in Kubernetes?

We have k8s-ingress aka Viking as a Varnish-Based Ingress Controller, which integrates the ingress controller function with anything Varnish-Cache has to offer, of which Caching is one feature. Viking ...
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Magento2 website with nginx(with SSL termination) and varnish cache

On question 1: A simple option is to configure nginx to listen to a port on localhost or only and configure the backend in VCL with .host = "localhost"; or .host = "
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Varnish 6 bans_persisted_bytes ballooning, but memory usage is fine

While I am happy to hear that the ban cutoff (which I authored) works for you as intended, I do not think that the answer you gave yourself is correct. bans_persisted_bytes is a gauge showing the ban ...
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How to filter Varnish logs based on XID?

Since Varnish 5.1: varnishlog -d -g session -q 'vxid == 1427305652' See
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