In your config file you have: ServerName testapp But in your URL you are using: http://localhost/testapp You will need your DNS server to map testapp to the IP address of your server. Or, edit your /etc/hosts file, adding a line such as: testapp Replace with your server's IP address if you are trying to reach it from a different ...


Docker containers and vHosts aren't the same thing. You'll use Docker to store WordPress app in a container, this container sharing the system's kernel. You can even store a database in the same container. You'll use vHosts in Apache/nginx to make your domain pointing to a specific container by passing the entering request on the Web server in the container. ...


Add this to the end of your 000-default.conf file: <Directory /home/test/webs> Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All Order deny,allow Allow from all </Directory> After you change the file, reload Apache and you will be able to access the site.

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