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Apparently, the bug is in openvm-tools, which sees the "6." in "7.6.1810" and reports it as CentOS 6. It is reported in the Red Hat Bugzilla as issue 1672087. They do not want to apply the patch since it does not apply to Red Hat, and CentOS only builds Red Hat sources, so the fix will not show up there. However, once you upgrade to CentOS 7.7 (which should ...


I had a similar problem once, and it turned out that I had a folder with hundreds of thousands of small files, and as soon as I packed those files in one zip file and remove the original, it worked. Uros


If you look at the CLI suggested in comments there is a flag for that there. Silly GUI, I definitely would like it to remember what I last did. I use to do that I think in Version 5, but 6 it started changing the network info by default on Clones. --options keepallmacs This page shows a usage ...


You forgot the virsh command line option --connect qemu:///system. Because you aren't running virsh as root, it defaults to qemu:///session, which shows only VMs running under your user account.


I have tested the following on ESXi 6.7u2. It's possible to obtain the Port ID via the shell. First obtain the World ID for your VM: esxcli network vm list Result: World ID Name Num Ports Networks -------- ------- --------- ---------- 2102511 some_vm 1 some_net Then: esxcli network vm port list -w 2102511 Which gives you the Port ...


This may be new, but there is a csr 1000v image in GCP you can launch. Tip: search for "1000v" not "CSR". On the licensing, the base image in GCP I believe can be run indefinitely at 1Mbps limit. You can also get a trial license from account and possibly licensing setup required. Otherwise the link you used is ...

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