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How do I increase Threads per core for an Ubuntu VM in VMware?

You don't. ESXi passes the number of vCPUs forward and they are virtualized, while the host manages the cores and hyperthreading itself. The host will show all threads instead of simply physical cores....
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Cannot reach DNS server on vm (guest) through Sophos XG 310

@Turdie - I'll have to check that. Might be something to do with NAT rules too. @joeqwerty - Thanks for your 1st point. And regarding your second point, I don't have a router on hand to do internal ...
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IBM x3650 will not boot from USB

IBM servers seem to be very picky about what they will accept to boot on. I couldn't boot straight to a Proxmox VE USB boot key by just choosing the appropriate boot device in the F12 boot menu. (NB: ...
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How can I powerdown VMs to enter Maintenance Mode to apply vCenter component update in vSphere Lifecycle Manager Images when vCenter itself is running

Would using this method to install the driver be a better idea than Lifecycle Manager Images? This is what is suggested in the manufacturer's documentation for the driver also, using their own ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 VMWare EXSI VLAN Remote Connection Lost after Kubeadm install

Are you sure this is reproduceable? Things works fine, you install kubeadm or other k8s related software, then the SSH connection no longer works? output of 'ss -ptuln' will show you if the ssh port ...
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VMWare ESXi: how to add network drivers to installation?

Possibly the easiest way to do this is to use an existing vCenter install to create an ESXi ISO with your bundled driver, even if it is completely unrelated to this new server. vCenter > ☰ > ...
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