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Turns out it was an issue with cabling. The hint that should have tipped me off was the 94.9 Mbits/sec limit--obviously the connection was running 100Mbps. The fact that it was set for 1G and everything was saying it was 1G, it should have tipped me off that something in the wiring was messed up and causing it to run at 100Mbps. I had the datacenter switch ...


Yes, you can use Active Backup for Business over a WAN. You will need to open up port TCP/5510 to your NAS and use your public IP address as the destination. It should also be possible to do the same across a VPN.


If all the physical links show 1000 Mbit/s pretty much the only things left are: the ESXi port group the VMkernel adapter(?) attaches to has a traffic limit set the switch the traffic runs through has some kind of QoS limit/traffic policing set up By the way, the advertised modes of a NIC/switch port don't matter. The negotiated mode does. Also, Broadcom ...


RAID5 with SSD gives you much better performance on random I/O, approx. same redundancy level and scale-up slots. The suggested in comments configuration with cache makes no sense in my opinion, because it will cost more (or same) than SSD only storage, but it adds unnecessary complexity for storage and has lower performance. You may find, that RAID5 is not ...

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