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If your storage system supports ROW or COW snapshots that can be mounted R/W, that would be one great option. You could instantly "clone" an entire LUN at a time and to refresh you test environment, just blow away the snapshot mount and mount the latest snapshot. You still need to provide your own network solution. I would normally have a second ...


you can download SLP software from for a number of OSs (including Windows and Linux). That includes a CLI tool called slptool which you can use to send SLP discovery messages. ESXi uses SLP to announce its CIM monitoring service.


"so they cannot directly talk to each other" - there's more ways for VMs to talk to each other and to vCenters than just ethernet/IP. Since DRS and HA were introduced they were essentially dependant on the vCenter being up - the VC decided what VMs to move for DRS and orchestrated the hosts moving them, and HA needed the VC to help coordinate the ...


I noticed that your second screenshot shows an IP address while the third shows a hostname. Check if the DNS record points at the correct IP address.

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