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PowerCLI: How can I enable SSH on a vCenter Server Appliance?

There are two ways to do it: Connect to your VCSA via Connect-VIServer and enable SSH like this: $body = Initialize-AccessSshSetRequestBody -Enabled $true Invoke-SetAccessSsh -AccessSshSetRequestBody ...
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Determining average compute and memory utilization, per user, on RDS server farm

Microsoft provides guidelines for RDS Sizing based on the workload, here : The give example of VM ...
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ESXI vSphere cannot set CD/DVD drive to "Connect after power On"

Other modes (Host device, Datastore ISO, etc) has this option checkable, just the crucial "Client device" not. Because the VM can boot without a remote console attached, it can't be set to ...
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ESXi - Cannot delete datastore folder

The volume isn't even mounted correctly. You should reformat the volume or, if that doesn't work, remove the volume from storage, remove the partition from the disk and then recreate it. You should ...
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Docker for Debian on a VMware ESXi VM frequently crashes

OP here. Our setup is: physical box runs ESXi > has a VM for Debian/Docker > has a container for nginx. I originally misunderstood @GeraldSchneider's comment - I thought he meant to uninstall ...
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