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Solved using redirect-gateway with the block-local flag, essentially blocking all connections to the local network and routing all traffic through the VPN server to the remote network.


I believe you will need either your own DNS or at least your own DNS proxy server. This article provides a great break down of different Azure name resolution scenarios and the supported solution: Name resolution for resources in Azure virtual networks Specifically "Resolution of Azure hostnames from on-premises computers.", the stated approach is "...


From the reference manual for OpenVPN 2.4: –explicit-exit-notify [n]: In UDP server mode, send RESTART control channel command to connected clients.


Some VPS has the configuration of enable PPP service, so you can check it and enable the PPP item. The default settings may be disabled, this can cause error: Couldn't open the /dev/ppp device: No such file or directory vps config for ppp

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