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IIS 7 WCF Webservices giving 404 error over HTTPS

It turns out that it was simply an error in the web.config file. These two answers on SO were the solution: And the reverse
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Certificate stops working after computer reboot

Right-click the certificate in MMC console ->All Tasks-> Manage Private Keys. Add the needed users to access Now, Reboot the system and try it will work.
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Certificate stops working after computer reboot

I know this is old, but it's an issue that I have been fighting and have finally won. The above answer is correct, but it is not complete. I read the answer as suggesting that all anyone needs to do ...
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Issue accessing remote web service port from a Windows Server box

Having spent all day at this I just found the answer: there was a Local Security Policy to 'block all' connections not on the list. As soon as this was temporarily disabled I could access the server. ...
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IIS 8.5 throwing 400 Bad request in Production when calling REST WS using Post method

We need to understand how it works, there were quite a few errors: We were passing a datetime value in JSON. At the WS end the DateTime value was throwing some parsing errors when The WS container in ...
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How to prevent IIS from recycling Application Pool when a worker process is unresponsive

If you really, really need the worker process to struggle through it, you can disable the Ping feature in Advanced App Pool properties, which is how I assume IIS is detecting the App Pool has become ...
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windows QUEUE MESSAGES error on open - The list of messages cannot be retrieved. Error: Access is denied

I guess it is worth starting from checking permissions on the queue, its objects and parent containers using Computer Management (compmgmt.msc) or Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc). The ...
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Running multiple services on one Port 443 is possible?

It is best to run it on different port. However if you have good reason not to there are protocol multiplexers available.For port 443 there is This service ...
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Howto WCF Service HTTPS Binding and Endpoint Configuration in IIS with Load Balancer?

I realise this a very old question, but I've come across this issue recently, and solved it using steps provided here: ...
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