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Welcome to the Internet; every web server gets all kind of probe requests, mostly for these administration interfaces and paths for web applications with known vulnerabilities. Therefore, it might not be a good idea to enable email notifications for 404 errors at all. Instead, in order to remove all the duplicates, you could either analyze the logs or save ...


Would you consider an entropy-gathering daemon like haveged? See: Is it appropriate to use haveged as a source of entropy on virtual machines? Or a low cost hardware device?


Depends on what you mean by accessed, accessed via a computer(C) You are describing a proxy server for the most part. If I RDP from my work computer ((C) Public IP 111.222.333.444) to my Home PC ((B) Public IP 222.333.444.555) and open up browser and hit from my RDP session what will see is my home IP 222.333.444.555. The same would ...

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