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Web gardens... are they good or bad or what?

I have been using Web Garden for years now with my developed games (PokemonPets & MonsterMMORPG) in ASP.NET 4.8 Web Forms. I never had any problems with using Web Garden. My Session State is set ...
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What does "apache2ctl:: command not found" mean if Apache IS installed and running?

Did any response was helpful? I think you should be using httpd commands due to you are using Centos (RedHat) I started looking for httpd commands too, they are not the same as the majority of ...
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What is the web server software announcing itself as "VDL/1.0"?

My guess would be a custom header designed to hide/replace an actual server signature : VDL --> Ville de Lyon ; the city/municipality of Lyon
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How can I forward-proxy https requests with Nginx?

Nginx is not well-suited for forward-proxying https requests. I was able to setup a reverse & forward proxy with Apache HTTPD: httpd.conf Find Apache httpd's main configuration file httpd.conf and ...
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How can I forward-proxy https requests with Nginx?

nginx can proxy TLS just as easily as unencrypted HTTP, but it can't present a valid certificate to your client! You really don't want to be clicking through certificate warnings on every site you ...
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Webserver cannot be reached from outside, but updates are available and URLs are resolved

Since you use a public IPv4 (and are not seemingly NATing from a home router for instance) it's likely that the problem is linked to the network being blocked at some point. The application ufw itself ...
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