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Video Capture Devices available in RDP (mstsc) but not Virtual Machine Connection (vmconnect)?

Run vmconnect.exe as admin. OR If you do not want to run as admin then there is a setting for this. Select admin and users here. Then move to second and third setting. Then run gpupdate /force. once ...
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Autounattend.xml - strange behaviour when CommandLine is long

Recently I came across the same issue, and — as you guessed — I determined the limit to be 259 characters. However, I think that — if percent variables are included in the command line — variable ...
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Get WinRM process ID for PsExec, and Use PsExec to do keyboard input

Question 1 Is there any difference between Windows Remote Desktop and WinRM? Yes WinRM and Windows Remote Desktop are two different protocols. PsExec is a tool from Sysinternals which was acquired by ...
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Files in Azure file share can only be opened as read-only on one specific Profile on Windows 10 - (DFS-N with Domain Based Authentication)

We had a On-prem DC at this location, Somehow after we decommission this DC and now the Clients are authenticating directly with the DC in Azure. I re-applied the NTFS permission using the "...
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Shared folder accessible from Windows 11 but not from Windows 10

For anyone who's interested, I didn't know why but I should activate smb 1.0 on the 2022 server, now everything works.
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SMB connection to server fails with "The Network path was not found", SMB attempts to connect over HTTP

Since you are saying the client is not in the domain, do those clients have a dns server on the network interface which can resolve to the domain where the shares are located? Maybe try to an ...
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