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Configure DC & Firewall/ Router such that clients can use Internet even if DC is down?

You solve this by having more than one domain controller running DNS in your environment. A domain-joined client should use only domain controllers for DNS.
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What is the minimum annual overhead required to admin an On-Premises Exchange Server

A data point. I manage about 24 Exchange servers for customers now, and spend about 2 hours per month on mail-related issues which may include SSL certificates, user management, managing the ...
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Configure DC & Firewall/ Router such that clients can use Internet even if DC is down?

From your router (or whatever is handling DNS resolution), you can delegate queries for ad-related names, say all Those for the ad.example.com domain, to your domain controllers. This would allow ...
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How to renew certificate for RDP on SBS 2011

The correct way to renew or add certificates (whether self-signed or signed by a public CA) in Windows Small Business Server is to use the Windows SBS Console's "Fix my network" wizard. The ...
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Migrating Mailboxes from SBS 2008 to Office 365

You need to either remove the Exchange SCP from AD or disable Outlook's SCP lookup with Group Policy.
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How to renew certificate for RDP on SBS 2011

To get a properly trusted certificate, you need to do one of two things. Get a public cert from a paid provider, or from the LetsEncrypt project Create a CA for internal use Let's Encrypt is a ...
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SBS2011 - Exchange 2010 - Does removing user remove mail-account?

don't delete ad users when there a mailboxes associated with them. exchange may purge the associated storage but in general - afaik - there's no way to access the mailboxes anymore (as exchange relies ...
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SBS 2008 to Exchange 2016

Depends. If you don't have a lot of mailboxes, you can do the good ol' "cold handover" (PST out, PST in). That's the cleanest option, but your users will lose their custom markings, category colors, ...
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SBS 2008 to Exchange 2016

If you can eliminate the public folders first you will make life a lot easier. However the move through Exchange 2013 first to Exchange 2016. I wouldn't try and do it in a weekend though - it is ...
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Windows Essentials 2012 Email

Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016 Essentials does not include Exchange Server. Office 365 would be recommended as there is Office 365 Integration Module on the Essentials Server. For your reference ...
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Certification Authority Service starts and stops SBS 2008

eseutil worked for me after I accidently deleted everything in CertLog rather than just the log files. With the AD Certificate service still stopped, I copied back the edb and jrs files, then ran ...
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Group policy not updating for user, corrupt profile?

Open CMD and type rsop.msc (Run as Administrator). Check if the policies are applied. Make sure the computer is on the correct OU and the policy is applied to the OU. Still not working? Then: ...
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