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How to keep website live during server restart?

Not hosting it on a dedicated server. There is no way around the fact that if you have something on a machine and that machine is not available, that something is not available. This is basic common-...
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Let user in AD set date/time by hand

For specific purposes, we need to let one of the users set date to past but options are greyed out. No, you don't need to do this is on an AD joined computer. AD (Kerberos) relies on the time being ...
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Add Node to Fail-over Cluster Failing to Communicate over 3343

Though the Validation Report didn't say this, it is physically impossible to add a 2019 node to a 2012 cluster.
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Public Key Authentication Windows Port of OpenSSH

I just discovered another "gotcha" on top of the other answers that's worth adding to this thread: if you try to create a file in Powershell/CMD in a way you would do it in Linux (e.g. echo &...

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