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How do I wait on a start/stop of a virtual machine in powershell

as @rugk said, if you turn off the vm, through powershell, and not through a command inside the VM, then it is not necessary to prescribe, at least for now, conditions for waiting. You can simply ...
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"Unknown token received from SQL Server" errors since recent Windows Updates

We got the same issue. All this is related to Microsoft ODBC Driver Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. Rollback helped.
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"Unknown token received from SQL Server" errors since recent Windows Updates

Thank you, this was an extremely useful post in finding the root cause of the strange database related errors from Maximizer v10 application accessing a SQL database on Windows Server 2012 R2.The ...
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Can't find NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER to give it Read privs on a cert

Use correct per-service SID to grant permissions and rights: NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT More information can be found here:
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Hourly fatal windows alert

You can get more information about untrusted certificates by enabling the CAPI log. The log is disabled by default and you can right-click on it to enable the log. Applications and Services/Microsoft/...
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Migrating from IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2 to IIS 10 on Windows Server 2019

If you want to clone all of the IIS websites and configuration from one server to another, you can use msdeploy.exe. On the source server, run the following command as admin to have it copy all of the ...
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Cannot transfer large file(s) using remote desktop connection (Windows 2012 server)

Just in case someone stumbles upon this - killing the rdpclip process on the remote machine usually helps. Credits go to Rony-L and his reply over here
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Name resolution for Synology servers sometimes not working

I had the same problem. In the DNS log I saw that my Windows clients expect an IPv6 address. However, the DiskStation cannot resolve them because I have switched off IPv6 in the network interface. ...

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