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Windows forcing application to exit with exit status 1073807364 (0x40010004) [DBG_TERMINATE_PROCESS]

Used Event Tracing for Windows to discover csrss.exe was responsible for forcing the process to exit. Create/Start Tracing logman create trace "NT Kernel Logger" -ow -o c:\temp\logger.etl -p ...
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How To Disable Weak Cipher Suites Only For TLS 1.0 and 1.1 In Windows?

Weak cipher suites should be disabled regardless of SSL/TLS version. Also, yes: disabling versions of SSL/TLS older than TLS 1.2 is highly recommended. IIS Crypto is a very useful free tool that will ...
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Get Start Button Back in Win Server 2012

Put the pointer in the very bottom left corner, if you hover over the few pixels in that area the Start button appears: (Tested on Windows Server 2012 (not R2) as a guest in VirtualBox.)
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What are the implications of exceeding 4 GB in a Windows Event Log?

There are plenty of reports (1,2,3) that even under Windows Vista / Server 2008 and beyond, the 'classic' event logs (Application, Security, System and a few others) can still cause memory exhaustion ...
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Access denied trying to run IISReset logged in as a local aministrator

If you always get this error, then see other answers, however if you sometimes get this error, and then re-running the command fixes it then the problem you're actually seeing is the issue documented ...
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