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Enabling Protected Users on Windows 2019 AD prevents users from logging in

Protected Users is not for regular users. It is for the most privileged user accounts. Remove the regular user accounts from the Protected Users group.
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Checking TLS 1.2 enabled or not on my Windows Server

You will need to drill-down past "Protocols" and look at each individual version (ex: TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, etc..) and check what the values are for Client and Server DWORDs (...
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Adding a machine to a domain fails with internal error

This solution works for me. Disable AllwNt4Crypto in register of DC
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Missing cipher suites on Windows Server 2019

You can simply use IIS Crypto. Use this tool for enabling, disabling ciphersuites and change there order.
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PHP-Module from Apache on Windows looses ability to read from local file system (include, require, fopen fail)

I can't say what the reason is, but I'll try to help you decide. Try to take configs from XAMPP and compare them with yours. When setting up Apache php this worked for me. Also see what account Apache ...
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Server 2019 - Print server failed to share printer after increasing CPU/RAM for VM

Looks like the previous print server was restarted with the same IP address. I opted for the neuclear option of deleting the server from AD, reverting the printer server to Workgroup, then re-adding ...
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Windows Server 2019 Throttling for Domain Users and not Admins?

I'll venture a guess: there are different ACLs on the individual files. If this is the case, when you are a standard user you can only access some of them; instead when you have admin rights you get ...
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