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ISCSI initiator: the GUID passed was not recognized as valid by a WMI data provider

I was able to fix it this way: From Device Manager, remove "Microsoft iSCSI Initiator" under Storage Controller From menù "Action / Add legacy hardware", choose "Manual ...
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Can I use one NIC team for the host and the VMs? Or do I need a separate NIC and a team for the VMs?

Old, but I don't see a great answer yet. There are three issues here. I'll start with this first: I encountered an error when I ran this command: New-VMSwitch -Name External -NetAdapterName "...
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Windows Server 2019 is no longer activated after switching over to passive node

As it turns out, you can run through their automated activation process by calling the registration center. They will send you a link to your mobile phone and you enter the 6 to 7 digit codes from A ...
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