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Remote desktop 'internal error' attepting connect after 'NSA' patches installed

The solution is basically here This helped too:
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Remote Desktop event ID 20499. No noticeable issues

This will solve your problem: In Registry Editor, locate and then click one of the following registry subkeys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services Add DWORD ...
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Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services Starting program

According to Microsoft this is not a bug but rather a feature introduced with the changes to the Remote Connection Manager (RCM) in Windows Server 2016. Quoting
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RDP: Remote app does not encapsulate traffic when connecting via remote desktop gateway server

The setting: gatewayusagemethod:i:2 Is likely not appropriate for this service. That corresponds to the setting "Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses". The third-party company ...
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Windows 7 multiple RDP session isn't working

This is a licensing case. By default Windows 7 should not accept multiple inbound RDP conections at same time, if were, then had been cracked and license violated. If you are aware of this violation, ...
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RDP Remote apps - can they share a single session?

I suppose that's the default, but it can be controlled with a .rdp setting (not available in GUI). disableconnectionsharing:i:0 Determines whether a new Terminal Server session is started with ...
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How Can I Pass a Variable Parameter to A Windows RemoteApp?

You have a couple of options: Edit RDP File programmatically (See Is there a way to change command-line arguments in a signed RDP file?) Use a file association Use the /REMOTECMDLINE parameter of ...
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How can an Administrator Discreetly View a Remote Desktop User's Session?

Just found an answer for this and tested it. I Hope it will help someone else. Here is part taken from the Source. [...] Type quser.exe to determine the session number of the user session you want to ...
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2 votes

Installing software for server only on terminal server

Did you develop your server.exe as an actual Windows Service? Or is it just an executable that expects to be run in an interactive console session? If it's the latter, you're "doing it wrong" as they ...
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Remote Desktop Services (2008) allows everyone in

Have you considered using the Remote Desktop Users local group on the server? You can modify it with a group policy. One way to add users/groups to Remote Desktop Users manually is (explained in ...
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Terminal Server 2016 RemoteApp Create Windows Installer Package

This feature has not been available since Server 2012. It may be inconvenient, but there are other, possibly better ways to accomplish the same functionality. See this extended discussion here: https:...
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Windows user profiles behind symbolic links?

No I don't think this is safe. This may be the beggining of weird Windows behavior because that's probably not a use case tested by Microsoft. Instead, I'd recommend taking a look at User Profile ...
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RDS: Redirected printers not showing up in Control Panel or Settings app

This is not a fix for the problem, but a workaround. It appears that if you open the CLSID for Printers, the redirected printers are displayed. Execute the following from the Start menu, or Start->...
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1 vote

RDS: Redirected printers not showing up in Control Panel or Settings app

AFAIK, redirected printers aren't listed in Settings or in Control panel. Only "locally" installed printers are. If the printers are being redirected successfully, as they seem to be, what's the ...
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RDP session is closed when loggin in locally

The local (administrative) user always gets session #0. You can see that in Taskmanager ('users' tab) or by using C:\> echo This is %sessionname% This is This is RDP-Tcp#0 on the command line. ...
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Oracle SQL Developer usage tracking over Windows Terminal Server (wts)

Edit I found some config in ../sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/ide/sqldeveloper.conf: AddVMOption -Dide.update.usage.servers= If you set this to some nonexistent website, the tracking stats won't get to ...
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2012 rds 2016 domain controller

We opened a ticket with MS support on this. They had us add this registry on the Windows 2016 DC's and it resolved the issue. HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa add the value ...
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Do GPO login scripts run in remote desktop / terminal services sessions?

Just check the domain of the user account before login and exit the script if it is not the same as the server name.
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1 vote

Having an issue with Remote Desktop Services Gateway from external

Posting this just in case anyone runs into this issue with a terminal services setup in AWS behind an Elastic Load Balancer. Our resolution was to disable SSL termination on the ELB, so instead of ...
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Remote Desktop Services (2008) allows everyone in

I figured out the problem. Of course, this is a server I inherited with little information as to how it got into this configuration. Under the Local Security Policy, "Administrators" was inside Allow ...
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Group Policy Deployed Printers Not Creating

This sounds like it could be related to a recent Microsoft update: MS16-072: Security update for Group Policy: June 14, 2016 This update fundamentally changes how GPOs are applied. The cause is ...
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1 vote

Automatic start of a WebSphere Windows service

There are two processes involved, the service process (wasservice.exe) and the WebSphere server process (java.exe). Recovery methods depend on which process is being killed. If the WebSphere process ...
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1 vote

Automatic start of a WebSphere Windows service

You need a manager service working like websphere node agent. You can write a script about checking status of application server service in a fixed time interval. Then install script as a windows ...
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Automatic start of a WebSphere Windows service

The "Automatic" setting for Windows services will simply start the service when the computer starts up. It doesn't keep track of all services and restart them should they stop on their own. You'd need ...
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Windows Server 2008 RDP-TCP Certificate keeps going back to Auto generated

I know this is an old thread, but I was able to get the RDP Host Configuration manager to keep the SSL certificate by making it "exportable" when I imported it into IIS. Just FYI.
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Why my clipboard can only paste out from RDP into my desktop not the other way around?

Restart the Rdpclip.exe (RDP Clipboard) Process in Windows, go to Task manager, Users Tab, expand processes of the user you have problem, and right click on RDP Clipboard Monitor, then "End task&...
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