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Optimal value for Nginx worker_connections

Let's take the pragmatic approach. All these limits are things that were hardcoded and designed in the past century when hardware was slow and expensive. We're in 2016 now, an average wall-mart ...
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Optimal value for Nginx worker_connections

ulimit -a will tell you how many open files your system allows a process to use. Also, net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range sets the total range of sockets to enable per IP. So, your worker_connections ...
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How to make laravel queue work in aws beanstalk?

Using Linux AMI 2 (recommended) Since the first post the eb roadmap announced that the PHP platform had been updated making things much easier. Below the .ebextensions configuration files and the ....
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How can I configure supervisord managed program to wait X secs before attemting to restart?

[program:yourapp] command = bash -c "sleep 60 && exec urcmd' startsecs = 65 ; and then supervisorctl -c your_config_file reload 1. you need to use exec command, otherwise it will fork a ...
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Optimal value for Nginx worker_connections

The appropriate sizing can be discovered through testing, as it is variable based on the type of traffic Nginx is handling. Theoretically, nginx can handle: max clients = worker_processes * ...
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worker_processes value for Nginx/Openresty running on Kubernetes

Good question and one I'm still looking for the answer to. However, at current my thinking is this, Nginx + Kubernetes where Nginx is not the ingress controller should have worker processes = 1. Why?...
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How to make laravel queue work in aws beanstalk?

The answer by @Aridez is correct but I had to make some more changes to get my queues working correctly.I hope this benefits someone else. The following works for me using Laravel 8, AWS SQS in AWS ...
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How to start a program when CPU percent reaches X

Never did it, but easiest way would be by using alert in perfmon. As you can see below, you can run a script when the action happen. Select the Action tab, shown in Figure 3-18. You can now ...
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Optimal value for Nginx worker_connections

Marcel's answer really needs to be upvoted! If ulimits are set to a default value of around 1k, max_connections should be set around the same value otherwise there is no benefit to setting ...
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How to prevent IIS from recycling Application Pool when a worker process is unresponsive

If you really, really need the worker process to struggle through it, you can disable the Ping feature in Advanced App Pool properties, which is how I assume IIS is detecting the App Pool has become ...
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