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nginx setup for wss:// keep getting 301 redirects

Your location directive refers to /chat/, but the endpoint you are trying to use is /chat. Because a location exists with the same path, with a / appended, nginx generates an internal redirect. If /...
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Proxy wss through nginx (Connection reset by peer)

To answer your question: "Why it shows upstream: "http://a.b.c.d:10062/"? Should not it show "wss://a.b.c.d:10062/"?" Nginx displays the URI that way because that's how it's provided in the ...
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Is there a way of rewriting wss to https Apache 2

You don't want to switch protocols. WSS and https are two different protocols - for a reason. If your app requires wss it requires wss. What you want is to configure Apache to proxy https and wss for ...
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worker_connections are not enough - Nginx, docker

According to Nginx docs on worker_connections "… Sets the maximum number of simultaneous connections that can be opened by a worker process. It should be kept in mind that this number includes all ...
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SIPML5 connection to Asterisk 13 over wss

Finally I solved this problem by adding following line to http.conf tlsenable=yes tlsbindaddr= tlscertfile=/path-to/cert.pem tlsprivatekey=/path-to/privkey.pem
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