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Safe way to clear all packages from yum cache?

Running yum clean all is generally sufficient for all intents and purposes, as it will only leave so little used space behind. The exception is when you disabled a repo before running yum clean all, ...
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How to remove this warning "This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use subscription-manager to register."

To do this via the yum command line use --disableplugin subscription-manager. This method is good for scripting. The following example will not print "not registered" message: # yum --...
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yum : Could not contact CDS load balancer in AWS

Could not contact any CDS load balancers: . This error occurs due to the outdated package of the "RHUI-Client", this package helps ...
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Yum command to find files that an RPM will deploy

AFAIK rpm can list the content of "remote" package. You just need to use the full URL. For example: rpm -ql
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Yum installation corrupts lib on Redhat Ubi8

When any dnf command results in an undefined symbol, your package manager is badly broken. fc34 tag implies Fedora 34 based updates, which is not going to work with an el8 based distro. Find out what ...
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Unable to show available updates with Ansible and dnf check-update

I have no idea why stdout does not contain the same information in your example. I can't reproduce this. I get the same output in both cases if I test against a fedora:latest docker image. The only ...
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RHEL 8 - yum commands started throwing a 470 error

This line gives a clue: This system is not registered with an entitlement server. You can use subscription-manager to register. RHEL requires active subscription to access repositories. Even a free (...
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yum: local repository and modified package

Replacing packages from EL baseos or appstream repos is tricky. Nightmare dependency problems can happen when you replace what the distro was expecting with something else. This is one of the reasons ...
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yum: install local RPMs and all local dependencies

yum's error is consistent with mypackage requiring sub-package mypackage-libs (of the exact same version). This is a pattern that can work for packages. However you need to install libs first, or ...
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How do I update a very old CentOS release (6.2) where yum won't work at all because of outdated openssl certificates?

I faced the same problem on a CentOS 6.6, and the solution that I found was: Use mirrors provided by, i.e. replacing "baseurl=" by "...
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yum not updating dependency during install

Maybe it is because the inproper Provides in spec file of my-common. I encountered the similar problem, and finally I found that, the Provides in spec was misconfigured. For example, # without version ...
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