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Cloud-init installing packages on Debian with contrib sources

Your source lines look wrong. On debian bullsye, $RELEASE will be replaced with bullseye. Therefore this: deb $MIRROR $RELEASE bullseye main contrib Should get rendered into your apt list config as: ...
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Connecting from windows to debian Samba share

valid users = @samba-peter specifies that users belonging to the group samba-peter are allowed. Either drop the @ or make sure that peter belongs to the group samba-peter
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zfs module not found on centos after restart

You must upgrade the ZFS YUM repository each time the kernel version changes, so that the 2 versions coincide. And then update both ZFS and the kernel.
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Which version of ZFS allows shrinking of a pool?

If you want to shrink root filesystem, this article was very helpful, when I moved root-FS pool to smaller disk on PVE node:
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