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Monitoring MySQL replication through HAProxy Xinetd service
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Your replication script run by xinetd should return HTTP 200 or 503, so HAProxy can detect the health of MySQL replication.

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What are the steps to make the php mail() function work on ubuntu-server?
3 votes

If you want to just send mail (without full blown MTA), you can install nullmailer packages. Yes, you have to allow outgoing connections to TCP port 25. To be more restrictive, open only to your SMTP ...

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How can I show mysql locks?
7 votes

Using this command SHOW PROCESSLIST will show all process currently running, including process that has acquired lock on tables.

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Linux Recursive Delete Keeping The First Dir
-1 votes

You can try # rm -rf [dir]/* [dir]/.*

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How do I stop Ubuntu from starting daemons I've not explicitly asked to run?
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Alternatively, you could use update-rc.d command. To disable apache2 service # update-rc.d [-f] apache2 remove EDIT: This means I should be able to do any sysadmin task, such as installing a ...

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