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Why does "cat /dev/null" and "ls" take 5 seconds to load?
Accepted answer
12 votes

As a guess its because of your system load - you have over 30 processes currently waiting for CPU. time

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MySQL broke; how can I save some of the tables?
7 votes

mysql is not running - why don't you try starting it And of course none of this should be a real issue because you have regular backups right?

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Equivalent linux command of "net start" command in windows
Accepted answer
3 votes

A lot of linux'es support the service command service mysql.server start This is related to chkconfig [root@iceweasel init.d]# chkconfig --list mysql.server Note: This output shows SysV services ...

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Apache won't start and config file won't open
1 votes

Or you can hope that you have a version of vim prior to 7.3 on your system

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Which license do I get for Windows Server 2008
0 votes

I would buy a windows 2008 server licenses from Microsoft or a Microsoft certified dealer. To be honest I do not see the question. Unless you are asking to buy an illegal license. Your 3rd option ...

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