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Andrés Oviedo
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Hello there.

+15 years designing and developing Java applications and Jee architectures allowed me to establish myself as a highly skilled developer & hands-on solutions architect; being able to fix/ develop complex issues, and design/implement robust & scalable software platforms.

I would describe myself as:

  • Whole-Stack: I have knowledge in all layers. Front, Back, Systems, DevOps and Cloud
  • Pattern friendly: I craft everything following proved design techniques (DDD, GOF, etc)
  • Architect: I build solutions for scalable and highly concurrent systems (Real-Time, Threading)
  • API: Coding frameworks and APIs are one of my best skills
  • Java lover: Mostly, although I can work with any language
  • JUnit & Q.A. fan: Everything tested as much as possible to sleep better at night.

Feel free to visit also my personal web page:

Mostly interested in software companies, open source projects or organizations with human value added.

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