Vinood NK Maheshwari

I'm a Linux and Python Enthusiast. I simply like scripting, coding and helping others is a good way to stay up to date and give something back to the community and web from where we learned so much.

Facts about me...

I am a Proud Citizen of the India (don't let the Fair skin fool you). Aside from Computing, my other job is Gaming, Googling, Biking and Research. The amount of random movie knowledge I have would scare you. To this day, I still watch Old cartoons and SiFy, I just love them. I have been told that I am Egoest and Shy But believe I love Alone time more. My love for seafood will never allow me to become a vegetarian.

Area Of Focus: Automation Tools, Custom Built and Designed Progarms, Python Programming with Framework, Hadoop, Python, MapReduce Design Patterns, Data Science, IoT, Analytics...