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Ahmad Samilo
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6-year experience in object oriented thinking and system development for business solutions. Built systems for big companies in the Middle East such as ILLAFTrain, StaffArabia and Future Corp .All systems were built with a high level of technology and multiple language support such as Arabic and English. I am interested in web development and information security, and I believe in hard work to expand my career and enhance my knowledge.

Working Skills

  • PHP Backend front end developer

  • System analyst and software engineer

  • Very advanced in working on JavaScript library including (Jquery , angularJS, prototype , backbone..etc)

  • Working on layouts framework like (bootsrap)

  • Working with the most famous API (Facebook,Google,Twitter,linkedin )

  • Design Photoshop medium level

  • Database analyze (Oracle and Mysql), advanced

  • Experience with frameworks especially Yii framework Advanced

  • OOP Programming

  • Team leader / Time management skills

  • Security tester/ expert in scan, detecting and protecting web applications and servers from security alerts like (XSS,SQL injection, RFI..etc )

  • Hosting management / Linux servers management /WHM management

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