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Solve problems with scalable and optimized solutions. Advocate for reliable engineering by improving code quality and performance. As engineers, we are artists using code. My goal is not to remove that artistry but rather create common standards and improve quality.

Enjoy working with different technologies. My preference is middleware and back end. Usually developing APIs.

Programmed with C, C++, C#, Java,, Php, Python, Scala. Most versed in C#, which I adopted in its beta stages.

Developed with data stores

  • Relational - Microsfot sql, Azure Sql, postgre, mysql/mariadb/aurora, oracle, db2, redshift.
  • Document - Elastic Search, Mongodb, Azure Cosmos DB

Interested in big data, data science, machine learning.

Experienced in distributed cache - redis and memcache.

Love personal finance

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