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I am a hands-on leader with deep experience managing complex issues and relationships working with customers, business partners and legal teams. I am passionate about finding ways to leverage team talent and deliver improvements in reliability and quality.

I am currently the Product Owner and Technical Lead on a project to provide a portal for provisioning infrastructure and software projects though customized blueprints to leverage On-Prem and cloud infrastructure.

Prior to that, I was a senior member of a team that created an internal cloud using VMWare's Integrated OpenStack (VIO) offering. "configuration as code" pipelines were created with GitLab to configure and manage the internal cloud. This included creation of multiple customized RHEL images that are available for our customers.

In prior positions, I have been responsible for leading and being a key contributor to software development teams. Here are some of the products where I have lead teams: IBM Systems Director, IBM Flexible Systems Manager, Lotus Quickr, Multiple Device Authoring Toolkit(MDAT), Wireless Devices and Internal Development Tools (Simulation Packages for Software Development).

I have lead projects that include members from multiple countries including IBM's Research Labs in Japan, Switzerland and India as well as the development teams with members in China and India.

I rescue projects that are off track, using my technical expertise, I understand the issues from the bottom up and then get the most from each individual on the team.


  • LANGUAGES: Python, Bash, Java, JavaScript, JSON, XML, C/C++, Perl

  • PLATFORMS: UNIX(Linux, AIX, Mac), Windows

  • TECHNOLOGIES: CloudBolt, Terraform, Elastic, OpenStack, VMWare, Agile, GIT, GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, Maven, REST, OSGI Runtimes, Eclipse Plug-ins, OOAD, usability, performance analysis, Office, Slack, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams.

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