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BY DAY: Jack of all trades when it comes down to software. I own my own business where I am the main software person, so I need to handle every aspect of something when it goes wrong. I know Java and JavaScript very well, but I am always trying to learn different things in case I need them. I also know a lot of PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift. I use Github, AWS, and Heroku. I did my own website with Laravel, and I am working with a lot of NodeJS, IOT, and embedded software programming.

BY NIGHT: I hang out with my friends, do some things others may not approve of ;)

FOR FUN: Hack the CIA & NSA ..... Just kidding, I only hack the Russians. In reality, I don't really know as much as I would like about hacking and cybersecurity (But would love to learn more). I mostly work on my own business and a couple of side projects. I try to make a positive impact in people's lives, but I do so in a capacity which is hidden from many.

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