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I lead and support engineering teams. Hands-on experience with a solid understanding of how to create and sustain working software. I worked in engineering, product, operations, and consultancy. Recently at CSG, I worked with Cable and Telco companies to create custom solutions for their problems.

I lead SDLC / DevSecOps with teams of offshore 3rd party developers in other time zones (US and Brazil), focusing on technical guidance and coordination between offshore and on-premise teams. Direct PO (product owner) of three solutions to provide business solutions from inception to operation including maintenance of high-security compliance PII and PCI-DSS. Working on migration from on-premise .Net C# and Java applications to AWS cloud using serverless and microservices architecture.

International experience (9+ years) in telecom businesses working onsite in multicultural environments in 15 customers across 13 countries with international exchanges in Mexico and Malaysia.

Fluent in written and oral English and Portuguese. Work proficiency in Spanish.

I'm developing solutions with Amazon Web Services and host the AWS Curitiba Meetup a local community to learn and share experiences with Cloud development. I use terraform, go and powershell to automate DevSexOps.

On the programming side, I have a journey with Java and JavaScript systems and nowadays I'm on functional programming vibe learning Elixir.

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