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Antti Haapala

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management who has worked in various software projects over a decade. Has worked as a software engineer for both multinational corporations and small private companies. A self-proclaimed guru, has gained a good understanding of various aspects and levels of software engineering, project management, SW product development and leadership tasks.

Special expertise in operating system kernels and system-level simulations, social networking sites, MS-DOS games, multi-user games, GUIs, 3D sound, Cloud Computing.

Project skills: CSPO, CSM. And I truly claim to know what it is all about.

Specialties: Programming languages. Expert in C, C++, Java, Pascal, Basic, Perl5, Python, PHP, LPC, JS/ES+AS, CoffeeScript, x86, ARMv6 and 6502 asm. Basic knowledge attained in Scheme, CL, Ruby, Forth, Prolog, C#, Perl6, Erlang, Haskell, Objective-C. That is to say, I played with them but I never did anything useful in these languages.

Tech: Linux, Posix, Win32/64+DX, DOS+DPMI, Nucleus RTOS, OpenGL, SDL, Qt, MFC, SWT, XVT, Swing, Eclipse plugins + OSGI, Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, Varnish, OpenLDAP, PgSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, WSGI, Turbogears, Pylons, Pyramid, Django, Spring, J2ME, J2SE, J2EE, Red5, OpenLaszlo, Flash, XML+XPath+XSLT, OpenID, OAuth + Social Media Integrations, Symbian, PayPal, AWS: EC2, S3, ELB, CF, R53 to name some.

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