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Web Components and vanilla JavaScript enthusiast, using Lit/LitElement (, Deno ( Appreciate Dutch design, Norman Borlaug, Bram Moolenaar.

Previously started a biotech/healthcare IT concern automating histocompatibility analysis in transplant medicine (full stack); wrote a multivariate (A/B/C) testing platform (Varnish/C+RoR+GA) that grew an audience by powers of 10 over a short time; uncovered frontend performance opportunities (and went through the process to articulate, advocate for then deliver) that returned several million in converted sales to a large outdoor retailer; at one point built a specialized mapping app intended to overlap with something like Google Maps (doing all the geo-things, quite an interesting, broad set of problems); currently shifting a component system away from Nodejs to Deno for common workflows (dependency management, testing, etc) in this type of frontend concern for its added security, standard library. So-far it appears to be yielding significant security and performance benefits and ease of use overall. During and following college practiced graphic design and photography, mostly posters, mailers in modern aesthetic and documenting events. Even designed a typeface and released the related font.

Samples of code, design (ui/ux) and contact info can be found on github and in various forms.

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