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My certs:

  • RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician) [100-001-734]
  • RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) [100-001-734]
  • RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) [100-001-734]
  • RHCDS (Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist) [100-001-734]
  • RHCSS (Red Hat Certified Security Specialist) [100-001-734]
  • RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect) [100-001-734]
  • RHCX (Red Hat Certified eXaminer) [100-001-734]
  • EX333 Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services [100-001-734]
  • EX401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management [100-001-734]
  • EX413 Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening [100-001-734]
  • EX423 Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication [100-001-734]
  • EX429 Red Hat SELinux Policy Administration [100-001-734]
  • EX436 Red Hat Enterprise Storage Management [100-001-734]
  • EX442 Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning [100-001-734]
  • LTS (Novell Linux Technical Specialist)
  • DCTS (Novell Data Center Technical Specialist)
  • DCATS (Novell Data Center Advaced Technical Specialist)
  • NCLA (Novell Certified Linux Administrator) [10091510]
  • NCLDA (Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator) [10091510]
  • NCLP (Novell Certified Linux Professional) [10091510]
  • NCLE (Novell Certified Linux Engineer) [10091510]
  • CNI (Certified Novell Instructor) [10091510]
  • LPIC-1 (Junior Level Administration) [LPI000165758]
  • LPIC-2 (Advanced Level Administration) [LPI000165758]
  • UCP-1 (Ubuntu Certified Professional) [LPI000165758]
  • UCI (Ubuntu Certified Instructor)
  • Linux+ (CompTIA Linux+ Certification) [COMP001008919102]
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