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I'm Tim and I am a (freelance) programmer/Unix server admin. Mainly programming for the web, but secretly tasting the offline as well.

I started out as an electrical engineer in some dark and forgotten age, did some artsy-fartsy art college after that and finally ended up in the sad world of the web. Over the past few years my work varied from design, to interface and now arrived in back-end fiddling.

I program:

  • a load of Python
  • a ton of JavaScript
  • not enough Scheme
  • more PHP than I'd like

Over the past few years I've been telling people I know a lot about Drupal (hence why I'm still on the PHP bandwagon) and I've been developing a few modules for this "framework" as well. Out of the love for bottom-up development (and the less favourable attitude towards over-bloated frameworks, like the one mentioned a few words back) my Python work usually revolves around Flask/FastAPI and their foundations or around statically creating pages with Nikola.

Besides spending many hours a day staring at computer screens, I have an interest for Campers, Japanese culture, Whisky and 8-bit computers.

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