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I have more than 10 years experience in full-stack developing of systems with different complexity in different business domains such as e-commerce, pharmacology, medicine, public catering, business in web, IoT and others. Listed below are my experience and skills:

  1. JS: native (ECMAScript standard), AJAX, jQuery, Ext JS, Mootools, Node.JS, Angular.js, React.js;
  2. PHP: native (functionality development), Symfony 2, Yii, Zend and other;
  3. OOP, Design Patterns PHP&JS;
  4. CMS: Joomla, osCommerse, OXID eShop, WHMCS and other;
  5. Tools and VCS: PHPStorm, Ubuntu/OS X, SVN, GIT, Webpack;
  6. Web Servers: AWS, Nginx, Apache 2.2/2.4;
  7. APIs: RESTful API, eBay API, Paypal API, Amazon MWS API, Google maps API, Yandex map API, Authorize.Net API, Zoho API, Cesium and other;
  8. Databases: MySQL 5, MSSQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Atlas search
  9. Bug/Issue trackers: Jira, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, Asana;
  10. And of course: HTML 4/5 with CSS, Smarty, Twig, EJS, XPath, Bootstrap 3, PHP Memcached, Socket.IO, XML and other.

I am a passionate learner with strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills and have been recognized for consistently going above and beyond to ensure full customer satisfaction. I have very good skills in problem solving.

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