DevOps, Internal Development Tools, & Systems Engineering.

I love solving problems using out-of-the box thinking.

I'm curious and interested in all things science related. I've worked in plant genetics, molecular biology, and x-ray crystallography labs. I've also have been an active coder in various languages for about 15 years. I particularly enjoy machine learning, AI and various image processing techniques.

I know a smattering of:

python            bash (unfortunate, accidental guru)
javascript (ES6)  coffeescript (fun but useful?)
C#                java
Puppet            ansible (considered a language?)

I've been known to alter and compile a few C programs when necessary. Learning:

Ruby        Groovy
Go          C
Haskell     Eiffel
Elixir      Rust
D           Scala

Yeah, this'll happen ;)

I'm also an accidental expert on the ERP system NetSuite.

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