Cleaning up other people's messes since 2004.

By Day: A Tech Support Technician with System Administrator experience

By Night: A System Administrator with Support Technician experience

For fun: I like to intentionally overload my lab hardware just to see what they're really capable of. No fires yet.

Favorite quote: "The difference being is that when we want to feel, we can. It's just that... some of us... some of us have to forgo that luxury so that the rest can have it. Some very few of us, have to force ourselves not to feel." ~Jurgen - Equilibrium (2002)

A little about me:

Writing about yourself is somewhat hard, I don't exactly enjoy talking about myself but am outgoing in that I enjoy working with people, never back down from a challenge, and seek truth and fact in everything I do. (Sometimes this irritates people, probably because you can't argue facts and people aren't open to thinking objectively.)

I've been working on/with computers since 1997 and have been formally acquainted since 2010. I want to continue my education but finances have me postponing my education until further notice. Instead I spend my time configuring my own labs and learning to work with various software and systems to better myself with experience in my field. I'm pretty close to finishing my lab and that's something I really enjoy working with.

I dabble in the outdoors and spend my spare time working on my cars, trucks, bikes, and Jeeps.

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