Abdul Munim

Munim has programming experience more than 16 years, started at the age of 10 with Visual Basic 3 other than doing homework. He has worked a lot with Windows application development and worked on cutting edge technologies back then. He has spent significant time with Delphi and Win32API, most of which were related to system level applications like viruses etc. He always had the intention to reinvent the wheel in a better way. Munim started looking at VB.NET on VS2003 beta back in 2002 and further moved to .NET platform in 2004 and practicing the cutting edge and new technologies (Microsoft and Non-Microsoft) since then.

Munim graduated from American International University - Bangladesh majoring in Computer Science & Software Engineering and currently working at BT (British Telecommunications) as Technical Architect.

He practices designing software architecture, code refactoring to patterns, agile principles and test driven development and experienced with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, EF, NHibernate and related technologies.

Feel free to contact me (if there's something interesting). You may retrieve my email address from here.

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